Core Weight Loss Equipment

Losing weight involves a lot of exercises that should burn more calories than you consume. It also incorporates a proper diet and other factors like resting more and sitting less. If you have a busy schedule, you need alternatives to the conventional weight loss routines. Indoor exercises are the best since they take little time and work effectively. Below are indoor weight loss gear for optimum results.


It’s been proven that walking or jogging boosts calorie burning process. If you want to incorporate this into your daily workout routine while indoors, a treadmill is the best option. Depending on how many minutes you plan to workout, a treadmill can tell you how much calories you’ve burned. While it is convenient to have a treadmill in your home, shop around before buying one. Check must-have features like the time counter and calorie meter among other sleek options. However, the more the features the costlier the equipment.

Exercise Bike

Riding a bicycle to burn more calories is an efficient option but you have to dodge the traffic as well as pedestrians including bad weather. An exercise bike is meant to avoid all that and still give you the better results. There are recumbent as well as upright bikes but no matter what you choose, it all depends on your preference. An upright bike is more or less like the conventional bicycles and on the other hand, the recumbent type has a back rest and pedals positioned much more into the front of the bike. Pedaling at the convenience of your home is so appealing and effective if it includes some features. For instance, a heart rate monitor, bottle holder, calorie meter, speedometer, distance meter not forgetting the resistance gauge. So opt for the bike and enjoy all the weight loss benefits like on legal steroids.


A rowing machine is one of the best equipment for weight loss. It works by helping you work your large muscles without causing stress to your joints and ankles. While you get roughly the same results like that of a treadmill, a rower works faster. Rowers exercises both the upper and lower body hence it offers proportional results in a seamless manners. It is also injury free equipment and you can use it for long without suffering from fatigue.

While the above equipment are the most effective and user friendly, you need a strict diet regimen including an exercise plan to follow. To lose weight effectively, you also need a professional to help you design a well-rounded master plan that includes the ideal number of sets and reps.