Amazing Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Everybody knows that losing weight is a painful and time consuming process. It requires you to exercise on a regular basis. Hitting the gym several times a week is not an option, but a requirement if you want to lose weight fast. Consumers are usually advised to also watch what they eat as they exercise to burn fat. The end result is endless and painful hunger pangs that may force even the strongest of persons to break down and start eating all the unhealthy meals that they are required to avoid. This usually leads to quick weight gain, which defeats the purpose of embarking on a weight loss program. Below are some weight loss secrets that you may not know about. Read on and stay informed –

The Causes of Weight Gain

You can only gain weight if you eat a lot of carbohydrates and fatty foods. For instance, if your breakfast staple is cereal cornmeal or bread, and you normally have a midday snack in the form of a burger or hot dog before proceeding to have a heavy lunch.

Another possible cause is lack of activity. If your idea of exercise is walking from the parking lot to your office, then you will gain weight fast because your body will not be able to burn even half of the calories you consume per day. Being a couch potato, therefore, is an express way to obesity and other medical conditions.

A slow metabolism is usually to blame for the weight problem that many people have. If you have an active lifestyle and eat healthy meals, but your body fat still increases, a slow metabolism might be to blame –

How to Lose Weight Hassle-Free

Assuming that all the factors mentioned above are to blame for your weight problem, you should not worry because there is a hassle-free way of shedding off the excess pounds. Start by jump-starting your metabolism. You can do this by adding green tea, which is known to boost metabolism, and cayenne pepper to your diet. With a fast metabolism, your body will be more efficient at burning fat.
The next step is to eliminate carbs from your diet and replace them with fruits and veges. For breakfast, you can have a glass of fruit juice. Avoid cereals, pastries and all other types of carbohydrates.